Experience with gained knowledge is built over an entire career. The Work Lessons 101 Q&A Show is focused on sharing knowledge from the work environment to assist aspiring professionals in building a sturdy career. Please submit your questions.

How to Manage (Holiday) Stress?

🗣 Holidays can be some of the most stressful times, either from family drama, loneliness, past grief, extra financial commitments, and time management.

🔹 Creating memories can be more powerful than any gift. The holiday season is a great time to create traditions.

🔹 Optimize your time management. Do all your holiday shopping before December. Avoid the crazy lines.

🔹 Minimize financial commitment by doing Secret Santa.

🔹 Host a friends Christmas – do a potluck style. 

How can you tell if someone is a leader?

👀 Watch their actions and watch their words…

🔹 Words: what they do and what they say, often reveal true motive; words of a leader are Us, We, Together, Share, not I, and Me.

🔹 Actions of a Fake Leader: They take too much credit in times of success and shed the blame in times of failure.

🔹 Actions of a True Leader: They share their success; ensure their teams are taken care after they have been promoted; often getting their team promotions along with their own.  

The Power of Gratitude

🗣 Gratitude turns what we have into enough. – Anonymous

The video addresses:

🔹 5 ways to practice gratitude and make it a part of your life.

🔹 My experience with the 30-day Gratitude challenge.

🔹 Studies that have shown that gratitude can influence your happiness and health.

💡 Practicing gratitude can influence your perspective and change the way you see yourself and how you react to day to day life.

How to deal with a career setback?

🧗 Career Myth – Careers are linear.

🐍 Career Reality – Careers resemble a game of snake and ladders.

🥇 Failure is a huge part of success. If you’re going to leave your comfort zone, this requires you to enter new terrain, where making mistakes is more likely.

🥈 The truth is, you generally learn more from your setbacks and mistakes, than you do from easy successes.

🥉 To be able to move pass the setback, you need to adjust and try a new method… This can lead to increased learning.

How to Ace an Interview?

🗣 Most people are nervous entering a job interview, but they don’t have to be. There are methods that can highly reduce your nerves.

1. Practice your responses to likely questions. Use the company’s own words.

2. Prepare questions in advance & ask as they become relevant.

3. Bring back ups of your resume & other relevant material.

4. Learn & research who you’re talking too.

5. Research inside information & use it to your benefit.

6. Be yourself, be genuine & relax; accept a beverage if asked.

How to deal with a poor boss?

🥇 First, you must identify your boss as an ineffective leader. Categorize their ineffectiveness.

🥈 Second, source the reason for their disfunction or motivation. Can you help them? Or must you move on?

🥉 Third, put a plan together to reduce their influence, and reach.

🏅 Fourth, execute your plan, readjust when required.  

How to Increase your Market Value?

Step 1: Understand who you are and what you need from your career. Learn your purpose.  

Step 2: Put a plan together that captures your goals, both near and long terms, and the path you will take to accomplish them.  

Step 3: Execute your plan; Develop the skills you require to reach your goals.  

Step 4: Network, build it strong, fill in missing gaps. Build your reputation.