Work Lessons 101 - What they Don't Teach in School - Coming Soon

Work Lessons 101 - What they Don't Teach in School is the how-to corporate survival handbook. It targets career development to aspiring professionals transitioning to the work environment from college. Through 8 selected themes and 101 critical work lessons chapters, the book will help prepare young professionals for their post academic life and assist in preventing them from making rookie mistakes.

The book is the ladder for those who want to climb to the top of the Corporate world.

What content can you expect in the book?

The 101 work lessons are organized within eight sections:

 I.  First Steps – Starting Your Career

 II.  Know Your Company and Industry

 III.  Play Well in the Sandbox

 IV.  Leave Your Mark

 V.  Know Yourself

 VI.  Use Your Senses

VII.  Know What’s in Your Control

VIII.  Bringing it All Together

First Steps is the starter guide. It provides the needed information at the beginning of a professional’s career. Such as: writing an effective resume, preparing for an interview, developing short and long-term career goals, building an influential network, and finding effective mentors.

Know Your Company and Industry will teach the benefits of having a clear understanding of their client business drivers, company culture, learning their organizations unwritten rules and selling effectively whether it be themselves, a product or a vision.

Play Well in the Sandbox is focused on building a professional’s strong reputation and network. To begin building a strong reputation, one must be likeable, capable of building an impressive network and have the capacity to develop trusting relationships.

Leave Your Mark details how one can establish professional credibility, which directly feeds a bulletproof reputation. These lessons will help secure recognition from their organization as a high potential leader and someone who can obtain consistent high-quality results.

Know Yourself, Use Your Senses and Know What’s in Your Control provides guidance in emotional intelligence and how to effectively evaluate them self and others. This will assist in quantifying their results, team results, behavior of their team and behavior in business situations. Learning how to read an audience then choosing the proper strategy and method to be persuasive and influential are the lessons, if effectively executed, will differentiate them from their peers.

The last section, Bringing It All Together, includes the overarching career lessons a high performing professional requires. Together, these lessons form a solid foundation from which a career can really take off. The height of their career skyscraper will be dependent on how strong they build their foundation.

Why did I write Work Lessons 101?

The idea for Work Lessons 101 was born during a career crossroads. I had the choice to pursue the executive track and take a major promotion leading a department team overseas or take a step back and write a book that can help millions of aspiring professionals. I chose the latter. During this crossroads, I reflected on my  past academic life and corporate career. Upon reflection, I recognized how little my higher education prepared me for my career. Five years of education and over 150 college credits later, not one of those credits were spent teaching me how to: create a career development plan; write an effective resume; prepare for an interview; build an influential network nor build my reputation to do the heavy lifting and selling.

I'm not here to criticize our education system; I'm here to share the lessons I have learned from my first decade of my career, which were not taught to me by the education system and will help aspiring professional navigate the Corporate environment.

When will the book be published?

Currently, the book proposal is on the market.  

I will keep you posted on an upcoming date, for now, I will be sharing content from the book through the website and my social media platforms.

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