Work Lessons 101 - What they Don't Teach in School - Coming Soon

A book, which targets career development to aspiring professionals transitioning from college to the work environment, especially the Corporate World. Through 8 themes and 101 critical work lessons chapters, the book will help prepare young professionals for their post academic life and assist in preventing them from making rookie mistakes. This book is dedicated to sharing the critical work lessons that they don't teach in school.

What content can you expect in the book?

There have been eight themes chosen to classify all 101 work lessons. They are:

1. Before You Start

2. Know Your Company & Industry

3. Play Well in the Sandbox 

4. Leave Your Mark

5. Know Thyself

6. Use Your Senses

7. Know What’s in Your Control

8. Bringing It All Together

There is not one theme that is more important than another. Each theme is written to build from each other to establish the essentials for Work Lessons 101. Before You Start is dedicated to the lessons you should be aware of before you start your career, such as: the importance of having both short and long term career goals; finding effective mentors; the value in having a basic understanding of financial terminology; the benefit of having a well written and effective resume that differentiates yourself from your peers. These lessons will assist you in securing your first position.

Know Your Company and Industry is dedicated to the lessons you should be aware of when you start your career. Understanding your company and industry will benefit you throughout your career. Having a clear understanding of your Client and Customer drivers and what you are selling whether it is yourself, a product or a vision, will be critical to your long-term career success. These lessons will assist you in choosing a company culture that you can contribute value too.

Play Well in the Sandbox is dedicated to the lessons of making you a likeable and trustworthy professional, which will help you build a strong supporter base in your company and prevent you from alienating others. These lessons will assist in building your reputation as a team player. From my experience, the employees and entrepreneurs who do not ‘play nice’ with others, have limited career paths. There are only so many positions out there that do not require teamwork, leadership and communication skills. 

Leave Your Mark is dedicated to the lessons of establishing your credibility and  building your reputation within your company and industry, making you a ‘go too’ person. These work lessons will assist you in receiving recognition from your company and get you labelled as a high potential, leader and a person who obtains results. You will be labelled as the solution to difficult problems.

Know Thyself is dedicated to understanding your motives, needs, values, priorities and what will make you happy throughout your career. The ability to examine yourself from an external point of view will assist you in improving and adjusting your attitude and behavior, so you can increase your skill level and become the best version of yourself. Without self-awareness, you will not be able to properly evaluate and learn from your experiences nor from the experiences of others. If you cannot learn from your own and from other people’s mistakes; you will be limited in the level of progression you can achieve. This theme is devoted to the lessons that will allow you to reach an understanding of yourself. The candidates that can be honest with themselves and address their shortcoming directly and honestly, continue to develop, and will reduce the likeihood of them prematuring plateauing.

Use Your Senses is dedicated to the process of learning how to apply the right words, with the right tone at the right time. To learn when you should remain silent and when you should speak up. If you can learn how to read your audience, you will be able to influence others and sell yourself more effectively. You will become highly effective in how you communicate and how to get what you want. You will learn who will help you and who will not; this will save you time. You will develop the proper judgement, which can be applied to different situations. 

Know What’s in Your Control is dedicated to the lessons that are within your self-control, and to help prepare you for the potential setbacks that may arise during your career. Self-regulation is one of the five main domains of emotional intelligence and just like the other four, it is important. Self-regulation includes how you control and manage your emotions, impulses, inner resources, and abilities. The more self-regulated you are, the more in control you are of your reactions (your emotions and impulses). Self-regulated people do not make important decisions when their emotions are compromised.

Know Thyself, Use Your Senses and Know What’s in Your Control are dedicated to the lessons associated with emotional intelligence and how to effectively evaluate yourself, your results, team and behavior in business situations. These are the lessons if effectively executed, will help you differentiate yourself from your peers, as you know your own limitations, you know your strengths, you know how to avoid the situations where your weaknesses are exposed, you can read an audience, and you will know what others are thinking but not saying. You will be able to change your tactics on the fly, allowing yourself to reach a higher level in your career that elude so many.

The last theme, Bringing It All Together, is dedicated to the overarching career lessons that connect and align all the other themes together, allowing you to execute and handle any obstacle and difficulty that presents itself. All eight themes are meant to complement each other and to be used interchangeable. To completely own your career, to continue to progress through difficulty, to overcome your bad habits, to evolve, to grow, to learn, to secure that you never plateau, will be decided in how effectively you master the lessons you learn through your own career. Bringing It All Together is dedicated to the lessons that amplify all elements and changing dynamics that go into successful careers. 

Before your career can take off, you will need a solid foundation to build on; the lessons within the first four themes will place the concrete and reinforce the rebar that will bond your foundation, in which a skyscraper can be built; the last four themes are the lessons that will decide how many floors your skyscraper can grow.

Why did I write Work Lessons 101?

I remember being in my last year of University and beginning to think about what job I wanted after graduation. I was only thinking of a job, not a career; I did not know the difference between them. The goal at that point in my life was to simply graduate with my engineering degree and pay off my student loan. I had not spent any time thinking about my future career or what I wanted to spend the majority of my adult life doing; in retrospect, this was a major mistake. 

Looking back at my academic life, I am shocked on how little my higher education prepared me for my career. Five years of education and over 150 college credits later, not one of those credits was spent teaching me how to create a career development plan, how to write an effective resume, how to prepare for an interview nor how to sell myself to an employer. I am not here to criticize our education system; I am here to share the lessons I have learned from my first decade of my career, which were not taught to me by the education system and will help aspiring professional navigate the Corporate environment.

When will the book be published?

Currently, the manuscript is being assessed by a professional editor. The book stands at over 600 pages and 169,000 words. It is long, and I need to decide whether to split the book into two volumes (the first four themes in volume 1 and the last four themes in volume 2 or split the book into a lessons guide and a workshop book). 

I will keep you posted on an upcoming date, for now, I will be sharing content from the book through the website and my social media platforms.