Resume Preparation Guide

The purpose of the Work Lessons 101 Resume Preparation Guide is to help candidate’s standout and differentiate themselves from their competition to secure an interview.  

The guide discusses how to write an effective resume and cover letter, how to sell yourself effectively to an employer through your resume, and how to ensure your resume passes the ATS software.  


♦️ Do's and Don'ts 

♦️ Resume Writing Samples 

♦️ Resume Template 

♦️ Cover Letter Writing Sample  

From learning, how to standout through your resume, highlighting your accomplishments and how to clearly convey your value; will all assist in getting an interview.

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Interview Preparation Guide

Interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, but they don’t have to be. There are methods that can highly reduce your nerves during the interview process. 

It’s your job during an interview to sell your qualifications, skills, experience and knowledge to the interviewer. You do this, by showing them that you’ll be the best candidate for their Organization; that you have the right attitude and motivation to fit their company culture. 

This purpose of the Work Lessons 101 Interview Preparation guide is to help prepare candidates for their interview and to reduce those nerves, so the best version of themselves can shine through.

The guide discusses techniques that can help reduce your nerves and prepare you to ace your interview. From learning, how to standout through your responses, telling your story and how to properly prepare for an interview will all assist in getting an offer of employment. 


🔹The Interview Process 

🔹Do’s and Don’ts 

🔹Key steps in preparing for an interview 

🔹Likely Questions 

🔹Responses to Likely Questions

🔹Tips in interviewing your employer

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