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This course targets the major elements that go into building a long and successful career full of opportunities. Career growth and opportunities present themselves for many reasons throughout a career, but you have an unfair advantage at the beginning of your career. You are a clean slate and very few people will know you and what you are capable of. This clean slate can assist you in showing what you want others to see. You are the puppeteer and you pull the strings you want.

To begin to build a strong foundation that will support a skyscraper, you first must establish your credibility as a professional who can solve difficult problems. This credibility will feed your reputation, which will assist in growing your network that will continue to grow and benefit you throughout your entire career. To do any of this, you first must understand your network starts with yourself. Before you will be able to get followers, effective mentors, and influential leaders to be a part of your extended network, you first must attract their attention. This begins with establishing your credibility, which will feed a strong reputation as a reliable, trustworthy, and effective solution provider. A strong reputation with established credibility will yield trust, add a third element of a diverse network into the fold, then you will be able to build stronger relationships and have access to new information that under other circumstances would not be available to you.

The course serves as an introduction to the subsequently courses that dive into the three main elements in building a highly successful career, which are establishing your credibility, building a reputation and network. How to Develop Career Growth and Opportunities breaks down the critical steps in building your foundation to support a study career. 

Credibility is your capabilities as a professional; it is your ability; your talent. This is internal and in your complete control. You cannot control what others say about you but you can control what they see. You control how you address your weaknesses and acquire new skills that will get you to the next level in your career. 

The course will feature how to establish you credibility through gaining results making you a ‘go too’ person and assist in getting you labelled as a high potential within your organization. It will dive into practical work examples that amplify the difference in building a reputation from establishing your credibility and why at the beginning of your career, you should start with establishing your credibility and how this willl protect your future impenetrable reputation.

The course will detail the three main principles in establishing your credibility: 

1.  Showing Ability Learning and acquiring skills. Your ability, talent, skill, and proficiency as a professional.  

2.  Deliver on Commitments – Showing Integrity and Accountability. Trustworthiness will be built when you back your words with actions that produce results, showing that you can walk the talk. This is your behaviour when given a challenge. Do you run away? Or do you put in the time and develop the skills that will produce results? 

3.  Generosity – Do you put in an effort to help others? Are you a team player? Are you willing to teach others?  These are the good intentions that are tangible, as they are supported by your actions. 

Begin your career by estblishing your credibility as a professional who gets results. This will directly feed your reputation and provide the strength and momentum to build a sturdy foundation in your career. 

“Words can shield the truth; actions begin to expose the truth…. And results are the truth… If you want my trust, then show me results; results are the truth of your capabilities and essentially your credibility as a professional.” ― Sabrina Woodworth


There are countless variables that go into making a successful career; the equation can resemble many variations. From these courses you will learn that regardless of the equation, three variable will be an integral part of any successful career, which are credibility, reputation and a diverse influential network.

There are hundreds of variables that go into a successful career and all are important but nothing is as important from a career perspective then your reputation and because of this, you must protect it under all circumstances. Your reputation is your personal brand and in many ways your identity as a professional. You tarnish your reputation, you will have a hard time getting rid of the mark; therefore, best to protect yourself from any form of defamation. 

Your reputation will be controlled by two areas: by you and by others. How YOU feed your reputation will be from your words and actions. If you establish your credibility and deliver, you will be accountable, and your integrity and strength of character will be strong. The second area that dictates your reputation is far harder to control: what others say about you. 

If you become someone that people want to work with, you will begin to acquire a large fan club and this will assist in building and protecting your reputation. When others respect you and enjoy working with you, they tend to tell others (if they do not like working with you, they tend to tell others as well); so let’s ensure when you are spoken about, it is only positive. Positive information is the only information you want spoken about yourself; do not give others a reason not to like you. The course will discuss creating the right habits and soft skills to ensure you do not give reasons for people to not like nor trust you. 

The course will detail how to create and build the 5 Shields to a Bulletproof Reputation, which will protect a professional from sabotage and defamation. The most effective way to eliminate the chance of sabotage and defamation is to create and build a bulletproof reputation that makes it nearly impossible for you to be a target. 

To build an effective network full of credible, diverse, reliable, loyal and influential people that you can trust and who want to help you will be easier if you have first built a solid foundation through establishing your credibility and building a strong reputation. Starting off your career by establishing your credibility will directly feed your reputation, which will in turn create trust in your character. With trust of character, you will allow yourself to build long and trusting relationships, and if you have the ability to access trusting individuals; this is the foundation of starting to build an impressive network that can have a far business reach. 

Your network will be built off of:

· How you gain peoples trust, 

· How others enjoy working with you, 

· How you deliver high performing results,

· How you can influence, and persuade; and

· How to make you the team player that everyone wants to work with. 

The course will detail how to create your fan club and supporter base. As you begin to branch out and allow your credibility and reputation to reach a larger group of people, you will start to build your network and your own level of influence. The course will describe how to build the multiple levels within an effective network and discuss what credential and characteristics you should be observing to recruit the strongest individuals that can help connect you to influencers and decision makers within your organization. Understanding people and what motivates them is the basics of building a network and an influential inner circle that you will need to build a highly successful career.

The course will feature a breakdown on how to build your network with all levels and ranks of the organization accounted for. Properly developed networks do not have gaps; all levels and ranks are covered. The simple truth to a truly effective network is that every member matters.


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